I’ve been on quite the journey to calm down my nervous system as I continue to understand what role my lifestyle has played in dealing with Guttate Psoriasis. 

I don’t even like using that diagnosis…since in the Western medicine world, that diagnosis usually infers that the prognosis is poor. 

But I don’t give up easily, since to my way of thinking, I’ve lived without Guttate psoriasis for the vast majority of my life, and something changed significantly in my lifestyle that invited this condition to manifest.

I broke out in a psoriatic rash all over my body about 2.5 years ago as I was in the middle of dealing with both of my parents’ cancer struggle. I KNOW stress and emotional duress was the spark that led to this fire within my body. 

Now, as I am trying to once again, put out the fire– I am looking at how God designed our bodies to deal with the stress of living on earth. We are here to live ON the earth. And as I started investigating this seemingly easy requirement, I discovered that I haven’t been living ON the earth for most of my adult life!

As I kid, I ran around all the time barefoot and was often on the ground playing in dirt, stringing together garlands of Clover flowers for ornate headbands and necklaces or just laying on the ground staring at cloud formations. My little kid body didn’t know what stress was! I was grounded most of the time for at least 1/2 the year, along with getting copious amounts of sunshine. 

I felt more connected to my body back then, and was musing that I haven’t felt of a whole piece in years. So…my feet are on the ground more this summer and I’m really feeling a difference!

On my lower leg, I have an especially bad plaque, and it is always ‘hot’ to the touch. I mean, it feels like its on fire! After about 30 minutes of grounding barefoot in my garden, the heat is gone, and stays gone for a couple of hours. I’ve also noticed that my plaques seem to be healing more rapidly since I’ve started earthing. 

I’m also doing many other things, but I’ve been doing my dietary changes and supplements for about 3 months and the level of healing after a couple of weeks of earthing had been exponentially faster. 

And I feel so much calmer inside!

I’ve really noticed that I feel inwardly calmer all day since I’ve been earthing. I feel like my nervous system got hyper-sensitive and stayed in the flight-or-fight response all of them time, with no time off over the last few years. 

It’s akin to having a slow-rolling ache that gradually gets worse over time so that you forget what it feels like to not have any pain; only its not pain, just a sense of impending doom and feeling highly strung and tense. 

I usually got out into my garden while the ground is still a bit damp, and I either stand on a clover patch or the natural round rock pile that I made near my swing.