Many friends know that when my parents were so sick, I developed a fairly serious case of psoriasis all over my body. I decided not to use conventional drugs and have been on quite the exploratory journey trying to figure out how to care for myself while I figured out what was happening to my life.

I’ve discovered that to keep it under control requires a new way of living and I feel like I’ve finally unlocked the keys to the kingdom as it relates to my general well-being.

I thought I would share what I’ve learned over the last 4 years and perhaps it can help someone else as so many people have helped me over the years by sharing their stories.

I have externally linked to a couple of products I’ve used that seem to be beneficial, but I don’t receive any compensation for them.


Yes, food is important. In order to build a better body, what goes in is very important!

I have eliminated nightshades and high histamine foods. This has been a gamechanger for me. I’ve had 4 major breakouts and the last one that I experienced at the beginning of this year convinced me that I have a histamine problem.

Since I’ve decided to incorporate food in my healing journey, I have had several surprises. One of the first things I did was eliminate foods. I haven’t had any nightshades, wheat, corn, cane sugar, most dairy or processed foods containing any of those ingredients for four years now.

I had psoriatic arthritis for a few years before the lesions showed up. I didn’t know that was what it was, but on reflection, my acute and chronic tendonitis in my shoulder and neck area, as well as my Achilles heel, and hand, was exactly that.

When I eliminated wheat, corn, sugar, and most dairy from my diet, the pain and inflammation in my body left and hasn’t returned. My energy level is off the rails, and I lost about 45 pounds fairly effortlessly. Once the inflammation went away, I craved exercise. So maintaining my weight is easy now.

I don’t plan to reintroduce corn, wheat, or sugar into my diet. I feel so good without them!

What I also noticed though is that my lesions still reacted to food. It took me until now to figure out the story, and in this chapter of this journey, it looks like it’s histamine.

Histamine Intolerance

As a kid, I had terrible allergies and asthma. When I was about 15, I started getting red and angry rash/welts under my arms and groin area. It would come and go. Heat made it worse, but so did what I ate. I could never pin down the food culprits though because the reaction was always delayed by a few hours or even days.

I went to dermatologists but they had no idea what to do other than creams. They worked for a while, then they didn’t.

During the last major breakout this winter, I started to have intense itching where I was broken out. The itching was bad at night and ebbed and flowed during the day.

The itching was so bad one day that I had to take some Benadryl. I fell asleep and when I woke up, the redness and pain was greatly diminished. The lightbulb went off about histamine and I went down the rabbit hole online about what to do.

I immediately went on a low histamine diet and added Quercitin and a DAO Enzyme to my supplement list and within a few days I started to notice a remarkable decrease in redness, itching, and scales.


I went to Aruba for a week in January, and while I was there, I was in the ocean and sun all day. The lesions I had were almost gone in a week. When I returned to Roanoke, within 3 weeks they were back.

Again, I went down another rabbit hole about the importance of sunlight in setting your internal clock for circadian rhythm cycles. I changed the light bulbs in my home to full spectrum during the day and at night, amber light.

I bought some amber glasses to wear at night as well when I am looking at my devices and put blue light-blocking screens on my televisions and computer screens.

I bought a Kiniki swimsuit and started getting up at sunrise to expose my eyes to the early morning sun, and arranged my backyard to take full advantage of the sun in the morning, day and evening. My life now revolves around being outside several times a day and getting as much infrared light in various spectrums as possible.

The Kiniki swimsuit lets UV light in on areas where the sun doesn’t normally shine on our bodies.

Within a week, my sleep schedule adjusted to the sun. I am up at dawn and in bed when the sun sets. I sleep fully and deeply. I HAVE to go to bed because it feels like I’m drugged. My circadian rhythm naturally follows the light schedule that the sun sets and my body can repair and rejuvenate at night like its designed to do.

Separation, Guilt and All Things Spiritual

I’ve done a lot of reading and reflecting on areas in my life where I hold onto guilt about how I’ve separated myself from others through unloving actions. I’m learning about the importance of feeling connected to others and forgiving myself when I fall short.

Spiritual alignment is critical as it relates to healing the human body. One thing that is helping me is journaling. I’m one of those people who has to hear myself talk or read what I write to understand what it is that I’m feeling or thinking about.

I’ve got to get it out so I can look at it. I’m the same way with my creative life too. I don’t know what I’m stewing on deeply until I can see it emerge from my subconscious.

I have come to believe, however, that a sense of separation from God and others has something to do with my symptoms of broken-out and weeping skin. I’m still unpacking this for myself however, and will write about it in more detail as it becomes more clear.

So, I think the most important thing I want to share with those who are navigating their psoriasis journey is that it isn’t ONE thing…it’s a gestalt of things that lead to this set of symptoms.

I choose to look at my symptoms as a gift though. I have changed my life in so many ways and I believe I am better for it.

Right now, the legions that have been on my chest, arms and legs are mostly gone. I still have some on my back, but those are fading out and diminishing, too.

Healing takes TIME. Patience is so important and necessary to work out what is going on internally as well as externally.

I hope this offers some light where there has been darkness for those in their health journey towards healing.