I’m getting on a plane tomorrow and heading to Arkansas for a week and then on to the 4 Corners area! I’m so excited to return to the desert and disappear for a while into this vast wilderness of space and form. 

I’m going to be exploring the Bear’s Ears National Monument in Southeastern Utah and then head back over to Hovenweep and Chaco Canyon. Yes, it will most likely be hot, but it’s monsoon season now and so I’m banking on lots of rain showers and beautiful dark clouds to block a lot of the sun’s rays. 

I’ve been working out in the heat here in Virginia to help acclimatize my body to the added activity in the heat, and feel like I’m going in prepared. Once I get to Arkansas tomorrow, I’ll be working out there for another week, in the August heat and humidity, so the desert may very well be a bit of a relief.

My shop is closed while I’m gone and I should have it re-opened on the 24th of August if all goes according to plan. 

But in the meantime, please think about following me on my Instagram stream @stacieflorer for all the updates of my trip and see the beauty that I experience every time I go!