My Trip Home

My Trip Home

Mom’s Pendant on the left..mine on the right.

I grew up in Arkansas and went back home for a week to visit my mother and her husband. I had two of these gorgeous cabs that a friend gifted me earlier this year and thought it would be fun to make matching necklaces for myself and mom.

Mom is a master gardener, so I stamped hers with a floral design, and mine is stamped with some stamps I purchased from some artists from the Navajo nation. I’ve always liked Southwest jewelry and I love using my handmade stamps.

This trip back home was a lot of fun in that I was able to work with my mother creatively…she painted her home with a neutral paint palette, and we shopped for items that were feminine, strong and saturated in color to balance out all the wood and hard edges her furniture has in her living room. I enjoyed helping her figure out what to get to soften the edges of her home, and that authentically expressed who she is, too…

We drove to Jefferson, Texas for the weekend and found some great glass flowers along with some white wicker furniture for her screened-in porch. My mother is not creatively confident, and I began coaching her to verbalize what she liked and what she didn’t like as we moved down the road of antique shops and home decor boutiques in Jefferson as well as Little Rock and Conway.

I think it helped her to hear herself verbally acknowledge what she felt was beautiful or not…what she could live with or not. I then started showing her in a formulaic way what works when arranging items or deciding on colors as we shopped. She had never really thought about design principles before and when she had her epiphany about how to put things together, it was a joy for me to watch.

My beautiful mother…

I also cut her hair off…and love how this pixie looks on her. Really, the entire trip was more of a focus on her and what she needed to learn and explore about expressing herself in personal way, as well as in an environmental way by decorating her home.

My New Wholesale Line

My New Wholesale Line

I decided to develop a wholesale line for my jewelry biz and I couldn’t be happier!

I was approached by a jewelry rep a couple of months ago for the Southeast portion of the US, and I had about 4 weeks to come up with the line, photograph it and compile the mini-collections into a line sheet for my rep. 


I worked so hard, and had so much fun re-thinking my work for this new opportunity. 

I had many inspirations…Moroccan architecture, New Orleans mornings with coffee and flaky pastries, as well as Sedona energy vortices!

The initial collection is small, but I’m really excited about working on more additional designs moving forward that will continue to expand the line. 

My rep, Don Harrell, has so far introduced my work to three galleries in the Asheville, NC area and my work will be arriving there in the next couple of months as summer gets closer. 

Here’s the latest additions!

Seven Sisters Gallery in Black Mountain, NC. 

Twigs and Leaves Gallery in Waynesville, NC

New Morning Gallery in Asheville, NC

I just shipped a batch of jewelry to Twigs and Leaves in Waynesville, and am so excited to have my work represented there. I used to live in Brevard, NC as well as Asheville, and Waynesville was always a favorite day trip.

They have great Main street shopping there!

I am filled with much gratitude and so happy I get to do what I love for a living!