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I am in the process of upgrading my Shop page and so the Shop links will be going to my Etsy page through the weekend! I am slowly converting my Shop listings to include a video so you can see my jewelry in action. I had to convert over to a brand new system so that I can bring you this feature. 

Enjoy the site and thank you for visiting…there will be a lot of additonal construction going on over the next few weeks. 

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My gosh these earrings are absolutely beautiful! My sister and I got goosebumps when we saw them. Not only because they are so beauifully made, but because of the energy that came with them. Thank you so much for these, Stacie, and for your time and energy you put into them. I love them and wear them every day. I can not say enough how quality these are and how wonderful it was communicationg with Stacie about these earrings. Thank you xo!

C. Corker

Hello, I’m Stacie and I’m so glad you’re here!

As an artisan, I aim to express my values in my handwork.

I tend to focus more on earrings because I believe the most beautiful part of our being is found between our ears in the form of ideas, opinions, insight and wisdom.

I emphasize movement and connections in my jewelry because I value these essential components that make life possible.

We need connection to others as well as to ourselves, and movement indicates flexibility and growth potentiality.

Sterling silver is my favorite medium because it enables me to work with the varying degrees of light and reflection.

I believe aging is a privilege and in great age we can find breathtaking beauty in longevity. Solid construction of a form allows for the possibility of a long life.

I build my jewelry to last, because I value workmanship that can be passed down to the next generation adding more meaning to relationships.

My hope is that when you wear my jewelry, you are communicating to the world that you value individuality, ideas, creativity, growth, connection and flexibility.

You understand and appreciate the importance of nurturing the young and caring for the old, because you value the life cycle of beginnings and endings.

Express yourself & show that beauty to the world.

We need you.

Notes from the Nest Newsletter


“Everyone needs time to develop their dreams.

An egg in the nest doesn’t become a bird overnight.” Lois Ehlert

What is Human Design all about?

Human Design is a system that maps your uniqueness.

It answers the questions, “Who am I?” and “Who am I NOT?”.

Through my Living Your Design Workshop or guidance sessions, we explore the answers to these two questions.

I use a mapping system called the Bodygraph™ to explore your particular energetic blueprint, and you learn the best way for you to enter into experiences and relationships in a way that is correct for you.

We explore where you are open to conditioning by others, and how to make decisions that are in your best interest.

With the practical application of your Strategy (how you enter into experiences correctly as yourself) and Authority (how you make decisions correctly for yourself) you will start a journey of de-conditioning.

This process can help free you from problems such as living up to others expectations, relentlessly looking for love and direction, not knowing to let go by holding onto destructive relationships for too long, feeling pressure to get things done but not understanding what a priority really is for you, along with many other eye-opening subjects.

Everyone is different…its time to recognize and honor our differences instead of pressuring everyone to be the same.

As a Living Your Design Guide, I am certified to introduce you to your Human Design Bodygraph™ and teach the Living Your Design Workshop, a recognized foundation course from the International School of Human Design.

Another great resource is the site .